Meet the Author

Patricia Demuth

Patricia Demuth grew up in a small town in Iowa. She had lots of time to play outside with her five brothers and three sisters. When she wasn't out exploring, she was reading. The time she spent as a child on her family's sheep farm still inspires her writing today. Three of her first four books were set on farms.

Demuth has written many different kinds of books for children, including picture books, science books, photo essays, and textbooks. She hopes her books give kids a sense of wonder about science, animals, and the earth. She enjoys doing research for her books, and meeting the kids who read them.

  • When she's relaxing, Demuth likes to play blues piano.
  • Demuth met her husband Jack, a photographer, when they were both in second grade!

Other Books Written by Patricia Demuth

  • Snakes
    (illustrated by Judith Moffatt)
  • Those Amazing Ants
    (illustrated by S. D. Schindler)
  • Achoo! All About Colds
    (illustrated by Maggie Smith)
  • Way Down Deep: Strange Ocean Creatures
    (illustrated by Jim Deal)
  • Cradles in the Trees: The Story of Birds' Nests
    (illustrated by Suzanne Barnes)