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Deborah Kovacs and Kate Madin

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Deborah Kovacs has enjoyed working with others on some of her books. For one of her first books, Brewster's Courage, she invented a fanciful story based on a trip to Louisiana that a friend of hers, Joe Mathieu, had taken. Mathieu illustrated the book. Her next book, Moonlight on the River, was a collaboration with another illustrator friend, Bill Shattuck. Later, when Kovacs approached the topic of life in the deep ocean, she found that she and Kate Madin made the perfect team. "We have a Ph.D.'s knowledge and an 11-year-old's curiosity," she says.

Kate Madin has gone on three cruises to the deep ocean. She didn't go just to have fun, though — Madin is a zoologist, a scientist who studies animal life. She is also the coordinator of the education department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. In that job, she teaches seminars on the ocean and ocean life. She also writes articles for scientific journals, as well as books for kids. "I like the idea of bringing science to children in a way they can really get excited about," she says. "I think science education is really, really important."

Beneath Blue Waters is the result of a team effort by a writer and a scientist. Think of a subject that you and a friend are both interested in. What skills or special knowledge can each of you bring to that subject? How can your collaboration make the study of that subject even more interesting? Share your thoughts with a classmate.

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