Meet the Author

Mary Ling

Animals are one of Mary Ling's favorite topics. Besides butterflies, Ling has written about foxes, owls, giraffes, and pigs. She is also the author of The Snake Book: A Close-up Look at Splendid, Scaly, Slithering Snakes.

Transportation is another favorite topic of Ling's. She has written books about jets, boats, and dump trucks. She even wrote a cook book for kids called The Pirate Cook Book.

  • If you wrote a cook book for kids, as Mary Ling did, what recipes would you want to have in it? Get together with a partner and write a list of tasty treats that you would include in your own kids' cook book.
  • While you're at it, write your own favorite recipes and share them with your class!

Other Books Written by Mary Ling

  • Amazing Fish
    (illustrated by Jerry Young)
  • Amazing Wolves, Dogs, and Foxes
    (illustrated by Jerry Young)
  • See How They Grow: Calf
    (photographs by Gordon Clayton)
  • See How They Grow: Giraffe
    (photographs by Peter Anderson and Neil Fletcher)
  • See How They Grow: Owl
    (photographs by Kim Taylor)
  • See How They Grow: Penguin
    (photographs by Neil Fletcher)