Meet the Illustrator

Rosario Valderrama

Portrait of Rosario Valderrama

Rosario Valderrama was born and lives in Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up in a large family of brothers and sisters. Her favorite things to do were playing and drawing. "Then," she says, "I realized that people enjoy other people's ideas, and they can even be published!"

When she illustrates, Valderrama says, "I always try to remember my family, my pets, my home, the things I loved to do, see, and imagine." In her artwork she likes to use bright colors and simple shapes. She also uses photographs and the Internet to study animals and other details.

  • Valderrama's favorite books include Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg and Cinderella by Roberto Innocenti.
  • She enjoys watching TV with her cat sitting on her knees.

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Other Books Illustrated by Rosario Valderrama

  • Sonrisas
    (written by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy)