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Andrea Warren

Portrait of Andrea Warren

Andrea Warren's first four books, written for teenagers and adults, are no longer in print. However, writing those books laid the foundation for the work she is best known for: nonfiction children's books. "Several years ago," Warren says, "I decided what I really wanted to write was historical nonfiction, and to do it in such a way that both children and adults could enjoy it." Her first such book, Orphan Train Rider, gained national attention and won some 20 awards. She used the real-life memoirs of Grace McCance Snyder, as well as interviews with Grace's family members and other sources, in her research for her next book, Pioneer Girl.

Warren has written for most of her life. In high school and college, she wrote newspaper articles and columns. Even when she was teaching high school English, she wrote articles for a magazine. Eventually she went back to school for a master's degree in magazine journalism. Since then, she has been a full-time freelance writer.

When she is asked where she gets her book ideas, Andrea Warren says, "Ideas are everywhere. There's no way I could ever write all the stories I'd like to tell. My problem is singling out the few I want to do above all others."

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