Grade 1

Weekly Reader Article

Other Animals Stay Warm, Too!

The table below shows other animals that live in cold places. It shows how they stay warm. Study the table. Then write the correct answer on the line.

Animal How It Stays Warm
Musk Ox It huddles with other oxen.
Arctic Fox It grows fluffy, long fur.
Arctic Lemming It makes a den between the snow and ground.
Polar Bear It has hairs that are like tubes. The hair holds warm air close to the skin.
  1. Which animal huddles with its friends to stay warm? __________
  2. Which animal's hair holds warm air close to its skin? __________
  3. Which animal makes a den to stay warm? __________
  4. Which animal grows fluffy, long fur to stay warm? __________
  5. Bonus: How else might these animals stay warm? _____________

Answer Key