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    VOLUME I, NO. 1: Early Intervention
    "Preventing Reading Problems: Factors Common to Successful Early Intervention Programs," by Dr. John J. Pikulski, Professor of Education, University of Delaware. Research suggests that the majority of reading problems are preventable, if students receive extra support. John Pikulski examines the common characteristics of some successful early intervention programs.

    VOLUME I, NO. 2: Phonics
    "The Role of Phonics in the Teaching of Reading," by Dr. John J. Pikulski. Phonics is an essential part of a comprehensive approach to the teaching of reading. John Pikulski reviews current phonics research and proposes the essential components of an effective program for development of word identification skills and reading fluency.

    VOLUME I, NO. 3: Phonics in Invitaciones
    "The Role of Phonics in Invitaciones," by Margarita Calderón, Alan Crawford, Gilbert Garcia, John J. Pikulski, and Tina Saldivar. Recent research in both English and Spanish substantiates the importance of well-designed phonics instruction, and has specific implications for the teaching of reading in Spanish. This paper shows how those research conclusions guided the development of Houghton Mifflin's newly published Spanish reading program, Invitaciones.

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