About the Books

The stories are so original and well-written my kids can't wait to open them—they really inspire a love of reading!

It's such a pleasure to be able to choose from literally hundreds of wonderfully written and illustrated books—our class library has never been so complete!

I love that there is a parallel Spanish program with wonderful books that really honor my students' cultural heritage.

We use Houghton Mifflin's anthology in our classroom, so having Leveled Readers that actually correspond to each selection really reinforces what my students have learned—plus it is a dream come true when it comes to planning!

About the Leveling

I used to hunt high and low to find books that could accommodate the wide range of reading levels in my classroom—and now it's all done for me. Thank you! Your leveled Readers have saved me SO much time!

I love that Leveled Readers give my students the opportunity to practice and apply skills and strategies at their own level. This does a tremendous amount for their confidence! Just knowing they can sit down and actually feel successful. Wow, does it keep them motivated!

About the Teacher's Guides

I love that there is teaching support for every Leveled Reader! And I have to say, I am a huge Irene Fountas fan, and it gave me so much confidence in this program knowing that she was involved with the lesson plans.

All the resources have really helped me simplify classroom management. My students especially love the Activity Cards—they're amazing! We've generated some really great discussions based on those cards!

About the Audio CDs

Thank you for the audio CDs that accompany each book—my kids love them! In fact, I set up a listening center in my classroom and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in fluency—especially with my struggling readers.

The CDs are so wonderful for my students who are learning English. It really helps them to be able to hear AND see the words. It's made a big difference. Plus, you know kids, they LOVE the technology!

About the Collections

There are such diverse reading needs in my classroom, but I know I can count on Leveled Reader's Classroom Collection to give my kids the books they need to shine.

The Alpha Collection really keeps my kids motivated, giving them books of such a wide selection, geared just to their own level!

I think the Genre Collections are my favorite. My students love that they can choose books based on their own interests—like animals or sports. This collection really fosters a lifelong love of reading.