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Time and Money

Books for Children and Families

Yummers Too: The Second Course
by James Marshall
Houghton 1986 (32p)
A picture book about making money that can be connected to addition.

Jelly Beans for Sale
by Bruce McMillan
Scholastic 1996 (32p)
Children buy and sell jelly beans with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in an introduction to basic units of money.

The Purse
by Kathy Caple
Houghton paper 1992 (32p)
Katie spends all of her money to buy a purse, but then must earn the money to put in it.

Arthur's Funny Money
by Lillian Hoban
Harper 1981 (64p) also paper
With his sister's help, Arthur the chimp tries to earn enough money to buy a T-shirt and cap.

26 Letters and 99 Cents
by Tana Hoban
Greenwillow 1987 (32p) also paper
Photographs of numerals are shown with different equivalent combinations of coins.

My First Book of Time
by Claire Llewellyn
Dorling 1992 (32p)
An introduction to the concepts of time covers day and night, the passage of the seasons, and telling time by analog and digital methods.

Get Up and Go!
by Stuart J. Murphy
Harper 1996 (32p)
By graphing a time line, a girl's dog keeps track of the time it takes her to get ready for school.

The Grouchy Ladybug
by Eric Carle
Harper 1977 (48p) also paper
In a story introducing concepts of time, a bad-tempered ladybug goes through a day picking fights with everyone she meets.

Just a Minute!
By Teddy Slater
Scholastic paper 1996 (28p)
A young boy learns that it's important to know just how long a minute is.

Books for Teacher Reference

Read Any Good Math Lately?
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde
Heinemann 1992 (205p)
This resource helps teachers access and use children's books to support mathematical learning in the classroom.

The Wonderful World of Mathematics
by Diane Thiessen and Margaret Mattias
NCTM 1992 (241p)
An annotated bibliography of children's books appropriate for developing math skills.

Picturing Math
by Carol Otis Hurst and Rebecca Otis
SRA Media 1996
A variety of math concepts are introduced and reinforced through the use of picture books for preschoolers through second graders.

Connecting Mathematics Across the Curriculum
edited by Peggy A. House
NCTM 1995 (248p)
This volume emphasizes how math can be connected to subjects across the curriculum and to the everyday world.

It's the Story That Counts
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde
Heinemann 1995 (224p)
The authors explain the importance of children's literature in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Chasing the Moon to China
by Virginia Overton Mclean
Redbird Press 1987 (40p)
A text suitable for children and adults. Describes the importance of the moon in the Chinese view of time.

Hands Around the World:365 Creative Ways to Build Cultural Awareness & Global Respect
by Susan Milord
Williamson Publishing 1992 (158p)
Presents a variety of games and other activities to promote awareness of different cultures.

Math World Bibliography

Art from Many Hands: Multicultural Art Projects
by Jo Miles Schuman
Davis Publications 1981 (251 p)
A survey drawn from around the world, including descriptions of masks, clay figures, boxes made from semiprecious stones, and more

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