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Addition and Subtraction

Books for Students

The Information Please Kids' Almanac
Alice Siegel and Margo McLoone-Basta
Houghton Mifflin, 1992
This informative book may be used throughout the grade.

David L. Stienecker
Benchmark Books, 1996.
Introduces the concept of addition, using colorful puzzles and games. Recommended for cooperative working groups.

Alice in Numberland: Fantasy Math
edited by Sara Mark, Jean Crawford, and Neil Kagan
Time-Life, 1993.
This fantasy approach to the study of mathematics follows Alice through a variety of unreal situations.

Domino Addition
Lynette Long
Charlesbridge Publishing, 1996.
Uses dominoes to explore the concept of addition. Good as an alternative approach to basic facts and computation.

Sally Hewitt
Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 1996.
Colorful photographs illustrate this book of activities for students to practice practical counting, sequencing, adding, and subtracting.

Problem Solving
Lakshmi Hewavisenti
Gloucester Press, 1991.
Explains the functions and formulas for a variety of mathematics skills by means of colorful games and puzzles.

Science Experiments and Projects Index
edited by Lisa Holonitch
Highsmith Press, 1994.
Helps teachers identify other sources of weights and measures experiments.

Books for Families

The Book of Classic Board Games
Klutz Press, 1996.
Everything is here for playing 15 games that include any number of players. Games were selected for the degree of logical thinking and strategy required.

Exploring Everyday Math: Ideas for Students, Teachers and Parents
Maja Apelman and Julie King
Heinemann, 1993.
This collection of activities for families uses everyday situations as the context to explore mathematical concepts.

Sally Hewitt
Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 1996.
A book of puzzles that involve counting and sorting, adding and subtracting, and playing memory games.

Reference Books for Teachers

How to Use Cooperative Learning in the Mathematics Class
Alice F. Artzt and Claire M. Newman
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1990.
Sample activities and ideas for maintaining meaningful cooperative groups.

The Sneaky Square and 113 Other Math Activities for Kids
Richard M. Sharp and Seymour Metzner
TAB Books, 1990.
Problems and puzzles engage students in logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and exploration of number theory.

Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers
Alexander Humez, Nicholas Humez, and Joseph Maguire
Simon & Schuster, 1993.
Explores the history and social aspects of numerals through quotations and maxims.

Math World Literature

Count Your Way Through Japan
Jim Haskins
Carolrhoda Books, 1988

Mysterious Tales of Japan
Rafe Martin
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1996

Lon Po Po
retold by Ed Young
Philomel Books, 1993

My Own Story

Jean Fritz
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1982

The Multicultural Game Book
Louise Orlando
Scholastic, 1993

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