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Books for Students

The Great Ancestor Hunt
Lila Perl
Clarion Books, 1989.
A study of America's population expansion, which allows students to work with place value and estimate distances on a map.

Build It with Boxes
Joan Irvine
Morrow Junior Books, 1993.
Shows how to make boxes from geometric shapes, using cardboard and paper.

Sandy Riggs
Benchmark Books, 1997.
A book about circles, showing how they can be constructed and measured.

Philip Yenawine
Delacourte Press, 1991.
Analyzes artwork by artists such as Picasso, van Gogh, Marandi, and others exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, to illustrate how lines are used to create art.

David Stienecker
Benchmark Books, 1997.
Describes and explores the various patterns and shapes in the world around us, using activities, games, and puzzles.

David Stienecker
Benchmark Books, 1997.
Identifies several different kinds of polygons through activities, puzzles, and games.

Shapes and Solids
Lakshmi Hewavisenti
Gloucester Press, 1991.
Investigates and classifies shapes of all kinds, and explores how to rearrange them to demonstrate mass and volume.

Books for Families

Anno's Math Games III
Mitsumasa Anno
Philomel Books, 1991.
Mazes, Kšnigsberg bridges, and other networks engage students and their families in exploring spatial visualization and discrete mathematics at this grade level.

Reaching All Students with Mathematics
Gilbert Cuevas and Mark Driscoll
National Council for Teachers of Mathematics, 1993.
This book is a must-read for teachers, families, and administrators who want to find out more about the goal of providing all students with a comprehensive mathematics education.

Snowflakes, Sugar, and Salt: Crystals Up Close
Chu Maki
Lerner Group, 1993.
Examines the everyday shapes and patterns of crystals with close-up illustrations. Suggested as a resource for connecting mathematics and science.

Reference Books for Teachers

Boxes, Squares and Other Things
Marion I. Walter
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1995.
This resource book helps students visualize two- and three-dimensional objects, and introduces transformations and symmetry.

Math by All Means: Geometry Grade 3
Cheryl Rectanus
Marilyn Burns Education Associates, 1994.
These shape explorations in the classroom include activities and homework suggestions.

Story Puzzles: Tales in the Tangram Tradition
Valerie Marsh
Alleyside Press, 1996.
This book of stories can be read aloud to the class while students participate, using tangrams.

Math World Literature

African Crafts for You to Make
Janet and Alex D'Amato
Julian Messner, 1977

Michael Dorris
Hyperion Paperbacks, 1994

Catherine Sheldrick Ross
Ashton Scholastic, 1992

The Rough-Faced Girl
Rafe Martin
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1992

Prehistoric People of North America
Diane Childress
Chelsea Juniors, 1997

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