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Books for Students

Making Books: A Step-by Step Guide to Your Own Publishing
Gillian Chapman and Pam Robson
Millbrook Press, 1991.
In creating their own books, students will use fractions to measure, divide paper into equal parts, and add and subtract fractions.

The Basics of Music (The Young Musician Series, Vol. 1)
Melvin Epstein
Word House, 1992.
Explains the musical notation system for the student to understand whole and quarter notes, clefs, and other musical fractions.

Cities Then and Now
Jim Antoniou
Macmillan, 1994.
This illustrated history of famous cities around the world describes how they were planned, with plastic overlays showing ancient and modern locations of buildings.

David Stienecker
Benchmark Books, 1996.
An introduction to the study of fractions that features games, riddles, and puzzles.

Problem Solving
Lakshmi Hewavisenti
Gloucester Press, 1991.
A collection of colorful games and puzzles to help students use functions and formulas for fractions.

Three Out of Four Like Spaghetti: Data and Fraction
Mary Berle-Carman
Dale Seymour Publications, 1995.
The study of fractions developed at TERC from their Investigations in Number, Data and Space series.

Books for Families

Eating Fractions
Bruce McMillan
Scholastic, 1991.
This photo-essay shows two boys dividing food into smaller pieces. Recipes for the family to enjoy are in the back.

Fraction Action
Loreen Leedy
Holiday House, 1994.
A picture book about a fraction lesson at school and the application of the learned concepts at home. Good for students to use as the basis for sharing what they know with their families.

Fractions and Decimals
Karen Bryant-Mole
EDC Publications, 1994.
This book of fun and colorful problems encourages practice with fractions and decimals.

Reference Books for Teachers

A Collection of Math Lessons: from Grade 3 through 6
Marilyn Burns
Addison Wesley Longman, 1992.
Inspiring and practical classroom-tested ideas for problem solving lessons integrate many learning standards.

Teaching and Learning Mathematics in the 1990s
edited by Thomas J. Cooney and Christian R. Hirsch
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1990.
This 1990 yearbook features a chapter on effective models for teaching and learning that addresses cooperative grouping, problem posing, writing in mathematics, and motivating students.

The Case for Constructivist Classrooms
Jacqueline Grennon Brooks and Martin G. Brooks
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1993.
The fourth chapter, entitled "Posing Problems of Emerging Relevance to Students," offers ways that teachers can encourage depth of understanding.

Math World Literature

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest
Jean Craighead George
HarperCollins, 1990

Amazon: A Young Reader's Look at the Last Frontier
Peter Lourie
Caroline House, 1991

Count Your Way Through Brazil
Jim Haskins
Carolrhoda Books, 1996

Pedro Fools the Gringo and
Other Tales of a Latin American Trickster

Maria Cristina Brusca and Tona Wilson
Henry Holt, 1995

The Legend of El Dorado
Beatriz Vidal, adapted by Nancy Van Laan
Alfred A. Knopf, 1991

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