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Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Books for Students

The Information Please Kids' Almanac
Alice Siegel and Margo McLoone Basta,
Houghton Mifflin, 1992.
This informative book may be used throughout the grade.

Different Shapes, Equal Pieces: Fractions and Area
Cornelia Tierney
Dale Seymour Publications, 1994.
Explores the concept of fractions with the use of visual models, relating fractions to area.

Fair Shares: Fractions
Cornelia Tierney and Mary Berle-Carman
Dale Seymour Publications, 1994.
TERC developed this study of fractions from their Investigations in Number, Data and Space series.

Half and Half
Joanne Nelson
Modern Curriculum Press, 1990.
The story of a peddler who buys half of sixteen pies, and sells the rest until the remaining one is cut into pieces.

Hooray for Fraction Facts!
Becky Daniel
Good Apple, 1990.
Explores the uses of fractions in everyday life in an entertaining way.

Shape Patterns
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1993.
Colorful illustrations and diagrams show ways of making patterns by using different shapes. This book includes specific examples of ways to use symmetry, color, and tessellations to make patterns.

Books for Families

A Handbook of the Universe: Explorations of Matter, Energy, Space and Time for Beginning Scientific Thinkers
Richard Paul
Chicago Review Press, 1993.
A book of experiments and explanations of microwaves, sonic booms, time zones, tides, rainbows, and other topics for families of scientific thinkers.

Math Curse
Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
Viking Children's Books, 1995.
A glimpse of a young child's view of the world of mathematics.

Math Stories: Fractions, Decimals, Percents
Joyce Scinto
New Readers Press, 1992.
A collection of entertaining stories to read aloud that require a solution to a mathematics problem.

Reference Books for Teachers

Activity Math: Using Manipulatives in the Classroom. Grades 4-6
Anne M. Bloomer
Addison Wesley Longman, 1992.
This collection of reproducible worksheets, lesson plans, and step-by-step instructions explores ways to use manipulatives with students.

Linking Math with Literature: Math Activities to Accompany 51 Pieces of Children's Literature
Carson-Dellosa Publishing, 1992.
The study of numeration, measurement, logic, patterns, and classification for grades K through 4 using children's literature.

Mastering Fractions
Sue Hamilton
Hamilton Associates, 1996.
This step-by-step guide helps students gain greater proficiency in using fractions.

Math World Literature

Roberto Clemente
Carol Greene
Children's Press, 1991

A Caribbean Dozen
Poems from the Caribbean

Edited by John Acard and Grace Nichols
Candlewick Press, 1988

The Art of the Spanish in the United States and Puerto Rico
Shiley Glubok
Macmillan, 1972

Perez and Martina
Pura Belpre
Viking, 1932

Puerto Rico
An Unfinished Story

Denis J. Hauptly
Atheneum, 1991

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