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Books for Students

Where Bald Eagles Gather
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Clarion, 1984.
After reading about the eagles, students may wish to conduct their own bird count and present their statistics in a variety of ways.

David L. Stienecker
Benchmark Books, 1997.
Easy activities, games, and puzzles are used to explore and discover geometric patterns.

Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1992.
This is a basic introduction to four-sided closed shapes. Suggested as a review of prior learning.

The Return of the Buffaloes: A Plains Story about Famine and Renewal of the Earth
Paul Goble
National Geographic Society, 1996.
A picture book story that describes famine and the renewal of the earth from the Plains Indians point of view. A description of the making of parfleche bags out of rawhide starts off the story. Includes a pattern of how to make the bags and examples of Plains geometric designs. Suggested as a read-aloud.

The World of M.C. Escher
M.C. (Maurits Cornelis) Escher
Abradale Press/Harry N. Abrams, 1988.
Students will be intrigued with the rotational and transformational symmetry found in this artist's now-famous drawings.

Books for Families

Insides, Outsides, Loops and Lines
Herbert Kohl
W.H. Freeman, 1995.
This workbook of shapes, patterns, and designs can be used to spark family discussions about mathematics.

Play With Models
Ivan Bulloch
Carolrhoda Books, 1995.
This book of geometric models to make will provide the opportunity to explore geometric shapes.

Reference Books for Teachers

All Quilt Blocks Are Not Square: Innovative Piecing and Quilting of Hexagons, Triangles, Curves and More
Debra Wagner
Chilton Book, 1995.
This book explores the use of non-traditional geometric shapes to make repeated patterns and quilt designs.

Making and Using Scientific Models
Robert Gardner
Franklin Watts, 1993.
The author explains how to make and use models to explain scientific concepts in earth science, astronomy, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Mosaic and Tessellated Patterns
John Wilson
Dover, 1983.
This book offers instructions for creating the patterns and includes the history of geometric patterns. Recommended for cross-curricular connections.

Math World Literature

Jane Mcintosh
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 1994

Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past
Yvette Lapierre
Thomasson-Grant, 1994

Prehistoric Rock Art
Marinella Terzi
Children's Press, 1992

Shadow Magic
Seymour Simon
Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books, 1985

Stories on Stone: Rock Art, Images from the Ancient Ones
Jennifer Owings Dewey
Little, Brown and Co., 1996

What Do We Know About Pre-Historic People
Mike Corbishley
Peter Bedrick Books., 1994

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