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Ratio, Percent, and Probability

Books for Students

Recyclopedia: Games, Science Equipment, and Crafts from Recycled Materials
Robin Simons
Houghton Mifflin, 1976.
Games of chance and strategy in this book will enhance students' understanding of probability and prediction.

The Amateur Zoologist: Explorations and Investigations
Mary Dykstra
Franklin Watts, 1995.
An Amateur Science series book. The ideas and projects presented here for the budding zoologist include listing and identification of animal species.

Ratio and Proportion
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1994.
Students investigate ratio and proportion through a series of exercises and activities.

Eight Hands Round: A Patchwork Alphabet
Ann Whitford Paul
HarperCollins Children's Books, 1991.
A picture book of quilt patterns and their stories. After listening to the story, students can design their own patchwork designs, using graph paper.

Math Fun: Test Your Luck
Rose Wyler and Mary Etling
Julian Messner, 1992.
This book uses games and other recreational activities to explore the concept of probability.

Books for Families

Chris Ollerenshaw and Pat Triggs
Gareth Stevens, 1994.
Photographs and straightforward text help students understand the mathematics involved in gears and gearing.

Incredible Comparisons
Russell Ash
Dorling Kindersley, 1996.
A large, colorful book compares and contrasts data relating to the weather, the solar system, humans, and animals.

Middle School Math Challenge
Daniel Ary
The Learning Works, 1995.
Family activities using multiple players and everyday objects explain number patterns, estimation, and probability.

Reference Books for Teachers

Chances Are: Hands-On Activities in Probability and Statistics, Grades 3-7
Sheila Dolgowich, Helen M. Lounsbury, and Barry G. Muldoon
Teacher Ideas Press, 1995.
The activities and projects offered here engage students in exploring probability and ratio, and in making predictions based on data.

Exploratory Problems in Mathematics
Frederick W. Stevenson
NCTM, 1992.
Open-ended problems introduce students to the creative side of mathematics. Solutions are left to the explorer.

Masterminds Decimals, Percentages, Metric System and Consumer Math: Reproducible Skill Builders and Higher Order Thinking Activities Based on NCTM Standards
Brenda Opie
Incentive Publications, 1995.
These reproducible worksheets can be used as homework assignments.

Math World Literature

Be Your Own Map Expert
Barbara Taylor
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1994

Desert of Ice: Life and Work in Antarctica
W. John Hackwell
Macmillan Publishing Company, 1991

Destination: Antarctica
Robert Swan
Scholastic Inc., 1988

Fascinating Fibonaccis: Mystery and Magic in Numbers
Trudi Hammel Garland
Dale Seymour Publications, 1987

How to Draw Maps and Charts
Pam Beasant and Alistair Smith
EDC, 1993

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