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Ratio, Proportion, and Probability

Books for Students

Fireworks, Picnics and Flags: The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols
James Cross Giblin
Clarion Books, 1983.
Learning about the U.S. flag is useful for studying ratio, and planning a holiday picnic will expand students' thinking about proportion.

Anna Sandeman
Copper Beech Press, 1995.
A colorful description with diagrams of the structure of the human body, showing examples of how thigh bones can be calculated as one fourth of the total height of the body.

Codes & Cyphers
Mark Fowler
EDC Publishing, 1995.
Each two-page spread is a story to decode with different styles of codes and cyphers.

Incredible Comparisons
Russell Ash
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 1996.
This large, colorful book compares and contrasts data relating to the weather, the solar system, humans, and animals.

Logic Puzzles
Mark Fowler
EDC Publishing, 1994.
Fiendish word puzzles, intriguing tales, and a baffling mystery test logical reasoning skills.

Usborne Nature Facts & Lists
Anita Ganeri and Bridget Gibbs
EDC Publishing, 1990.
Animal, bird, and ocean facts are listed and arranged by topics such as fastest, longest, and most colorful animals.

Number Patterns
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1992.
See some of the uses of numbers around the world and in everyday life.

Ratio and Proportion
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1994.
Students investigate ratio and proportion through a series of exercises and activities.

Books for Families

Cut and Assemble a Nineteenth Century Mill Town: An H-O Scale Model
Edmund V. Gillon
Dover Publications, 1993.
Complete instructions and diagrams enable family members to construct this realistic scale replica.

How Math Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Wonders of Mathematics
Carol Vorderman
Reader's Digest Books, 1996.
Easy-to-do experiments and practical activities explore probability, statistics, and ratio. Illustrated with color photographs.

Middle School Math Challenge
Daniel Ary
The Learning Works, 1995.
Explore estimation, number patterns, and probability with these family activities involving multiple players and everyday objects.

Reference Books for Teachers

Helaman Ferguson: Mathematics in Stone and Bronze
Claire Ferguson
Meridian Creative Group, 1994.
This museum-quality art book exemplifies the mathematics in sculpture.

Powers of Ten: A Book About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe
Philip Morrison
W.H. Freeman, 1995.
A photographic journey into relative size.

Math World Literature

Fun with Figures
Mae and Ira Freeman
Random House, 1946

Inside-Outside Book of New York City
Roxie Munro
Dodd, Mead, 1985

Anno's Counting House
Mitsumasa Anno
Philomel, 1982

Pyramid: A Story of Egyptian Planning and Construction
David Macaulay
Houghton Mifflin, 1974

Socrates and the Three Little Pigs
Mitsumasa Anno
Philomel Books, 1986

Rapid Math Tricks and Trips: 30 Days to Mumber Power
Edward H. Julius
Wiley, 1992

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