Snack Time

Math/Language Arts Activity

In this activity, children will color the correct number of boxes in a graph to show their choices and then show their understanding of the graph's meaning through teacher-led class discussion.



  1. Set a scenario for the class: At the end of the month the class will have a special snack to celebrate "good effort," a "special" day, or whatever you choose to reward. You would like to know in advance which of four snacks children prefer.

  2. Pass out Favorite Snacks. Identify the four snacks pictured at the bottom of the page. Children cut out the entire strip of four, and then choose and cut out the picture of the snack they would prefer to have at the end of the month. Have two students stand and each hold a paper bag, one of which is labeled "Yes" and the other "No." Every student puts the picture of the snack they chose into the "Yes" bag and then the pictures of the three snacks they did not choose into the "No" bag.

  3. Take the "Yes" bag and draw out one picture at a time and identify it. Students are to color one square in their graphs. Continue until all the children's choices have been identified and their graphs completed. Put the paper slips back in "Yes" bag.

  4. Lead discussion and ask questions to help children interpret the graph. For example: "How do you think most of the class would feel if I chose _______?" (Substitute the least favorite snack for the blank.) "Which snack choice would make most people happiest? How do you know?" "Which snack should be served at the end of the month as our 'special' snack?" Encourage children to make up their own questions and/or point out observations.


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