Level 6 Topics
Grade 6
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Expand on what your students know about fractions to help them master proportions.

Operations with Negative Numbers
Students are often confused by negative numbers. Take the mystery out of operations with negative numbers.

Introduce your students to basic operations with percents.

Writing and Solving One-Step
Linear Equations in One Variable

Help your students to understand what linear equations are, how to write different types, and how to solve them

Explore rates, which are simply special ratios in which the two terms are in different units.

Introduce your students to common measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode), and the basics of sampling.

The geometry of circles is based on the ratio known as pi. Help your students learn how to use this fascinating number.

For Each Topic What Is It?
Refresh your memory with this overview of the topic.

Lesson Ideas
Here you'll find at least two complete lesson scripts to use with your class.

Tips and Tricks
Share your ideas for ways to manage your classroom, speed learning, and handle difficulties.

When Students Ask
Find answers to common questions students ask.


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