Level 7 Topics
Grade 7
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Rational Numbers
Any number that can be written as a fraction is a rational number. Help your students learn to work with this important group of numbers.

Linear Equations
Linear equations area special set of equations that can be graphed as lines. Introduce your students to ways of solving and graphing linear equations.

Pythagorean Theorem
The Pythagorean Theorem explains the relationships between the sides of a right triangle. Explore the theorem and its uses with your students.

Absolute Value
Absolute value describes the distance of a number on a number line from 0. Introduce your students to this useful concept.

For Each Topic What Is It?
Refresh your memory with this overview of the topic.

Lesson Ideas
Here you'll find at least two complete lesson scripts to use with your class.

Tips and Tricks
Share your ideas for ways to manage your classroom, speed learning, and handle difficulties.

When Students Ask
Find answers to common questions students ask.


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