Plants in a Jar

In science class, you have been learning about the needs of living things. Living things need food, water, and air. Plants also need sunlight. In this activity, you can see what happens when the needs of a plant are met and what happens when those same needs are not met.


Two  jars with a small plant in each.


Ask an adult to help you put soil in both jars. Plant a bean seed in each jar. Water the seeds and place both jars in a sunny area. Once the seeds have sprouted, put a lid on one of the jars to seal it. Place the sealed jar in an area out of the sun. Leave the unsealed jar in the sun. Continue watering the plant that is in the sun, but not the plant that has been moved out of the sun. Record each day what the plants look like, and what is happening to them.


What happened to the plant that was kept in the sun and watered? What happened to the plant that was not in the sun and didn't receive air and water? Why did these things happen?