A Habitat Underfoot

Many animals live in places you don't ever see—some right under your own feet! You have been learning how living things get what they need to live in different kinds of habitats. In this activity, you and your family members can observe worms in their underground habitat.


A large glass jar with layers of soil.


Ask an adult to help you put several layers of sand and moist soil into a large, clear jar. Place 2 or 3 earthworms in the top layer of soil. Place fresh leaves and grass clippings on the top of the soil. Wash your hands well. Sprinkle some water on the top of the soil and leaves. Put the lid on the jar. Wrap the outside of the jar with dark construction paper. After a day or two, uncover the jar. Observe the worms, the soil, and the clippings. After a few days, release the worms in a garden.


What did the worms do? What happened to the sand and soil? Why? What do worms eat in their habitat? How do you think worms can help the soil?