Squirrel Nuttiness

Have you ever seen a squirrel running to and fro, looking very busy? What is the squirrel doing? Our science class has been learning about living things. In this activity, you and your family members will observe squirrels in their natural habitat to discover how these animals interact with their surroundings.


What makes me think that a squirrel is a living thing? What does the squirrel need from its habitat in order to live? What other animals does the squirrel compete with? What adaptations help a squirrel to live in its habitat?
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Either go outside to your backyard or travel to a nearby park that has a squirrel population. When you get there, walk around and observe the squirrels and their environment. Fill out a printout of the chart above and talk about it with a family member.


What other living things did you see? Which living things do you think compete with squirrels? What kinds of plants did you see? What characteristics made you think the plants were alive? Do plants have different needs than squirrels? Without being able to move, how do you think plants compete with other plants for resources?