Simple Machines in Action

In science class, you have been investigating forces and how they can change the motions of objects. Work is the movement of an object by a force. In this activity, you and your family members will find examples of simple machines in your own home and investigate how simple machines make work easier.

A hammer, a screw, a pully, a teetertotter, a wheel, and a ramp.


Take a walk through your home to find examples of simple machines. If you have a garage, don't forget to take a look in there. On the back of this sheet, make a list of the simple machines you saw. Also record the task that each simple machine does. Talk with a family member about the most useful simple machines in your home. What would your life be like without these machines?

Now think of a task you do regularly that is difficult or that you often have problems completing. Can you “invent” a way to make this work more easily by using a simple machine? Draw a diagram of your simple machine in action. Label the parts. Write a brief description of how your simple machine works.


What task does your simple machine help you complete? What simple machine did you use?