Seed or No Seed

You learned in science class that flowering plants grow from seeds. But can they grow from other plant parts too? Do the activity below and find out for yourself.

Three glasses half filled with water. An avovado seed, a sweet potato and an onion is held in the water with toothpicks.



Ask an adult family member to help you arrange the three listed plant parts in the containers, as shown in the drawings above. The setups show an avocado root, a sweet potato root, and an onion stem, each in a container partially filled with water. Dry the avocado pit and peel its “skin” away before you put the seed in a container. Use three toothpicks to support each plant part in its container. Make sure that you do not let the water get very high on the parts. Put the container with the avocado seed in a dark area of your home. Put the other containers in a sunny spot.


After a few days, what happened in each container? What happened in each container after two weeks?