Build a Biome

In science class, you have been learning about different biomes and the living things that make up each biome. You have learned about the different resources that each biome provides and how living things use these resources. In this activity, you and your family members will make a model of a biome.


A girl at a desk working on a project with a cardbord box.


Ask an adult to help you cover the outside and inside of a shoebox with colored paper. Tip the shoebox on its side. Choose one of the biomes that were discussed in the book. Use paper and objects from around your home to decorate the inside of the shoebox to look like your biome. Cut out pictures of animals and plants that may be found in your biome.


What other items could you add to the model biome to make it more realistic? What would you have to do to your model biome to change it into a different biome?