Mineral Treasure Hunt

In science class, you have been studying rocks and minerals. In this activity, you and your family can see how important minerals are in everyday life by taking part in a mineral “treasure hunt”!




Fold and cut a piece of paper into seven pieces. Write the names of the seven minerals listed in the chart below on the pieces of paper. Fold the papers in half and put them in a paper bag. Reach into the bag and draw the name of a mineral. Using the chart, find an object in your home for which that mineral was a source. Take turns with your family members.

Mineral Uses
Fluorite steel, glass, fiberglass, pottery, enamel
Borax textiles, glass, insulation, antiseptic soaps and cleaners, preservatives
Chalcopyrite source of copper for pipes, wires, coins
Hematite glass manufacturing, clock and radio parts, computer chips
Bauxite aluminum products
Chromite stainless steel products


Which mineral on the list seems to be common in your home? For how many household items was this mineral a source? List them.