Make a Moon Map

What do you see when you look at the Moon? In class, you have been studying how Earth and the Moon interact. The Moon is one of the most visible objects in the night sky. You and your family members can make a map of some of its interesting physical features.




Do this activity outdoors with an adult when the Moon is full. Dress appropriately for the weather. Draw a large circle in the center of a sheet of white paper to represent the Moon. Use your eyes to explore the Moon. Draw what you see. You can darken areas of the circle with a lead pencil. Then use the eraser to remove the lead from lighter areas of the Moon's surface. You can use binoculars or a telescope to see more details. Complete this activity by researching the Moon on the Internet to identify some of the features you drew.


Did anything surprise you about the Moon's appearance? Did you learn something new about the Moon that you didn't know before? One old myth about the Moon was that it was made of green cheese. How do you think this myth got started?