Your Weight on Other Planets

The planets are different sizes. The pull of gravity is different on every planet. Therefore, a person would have a different weight depending on which planet he or she visited. Try this activity to discover how much you would weigh on the other planets!



A person has weight owing to the force of gravity. To find out your weight on other planets, just multiply your Earth weight by each planet's relative gravitational pull (gravitational pull compared to Earth). Write your answers in the chart.

Planet Relative Gravitational Pull Your Weight (pounds) Family Member's Weight (pounds)
Mercury 0.38    
Venus 0.91    
Earth 1.00    
Mars 0.37    
Jupiter 2.5    
Saturn 0.93    
Uranus 0.88    
Neptune 1.2    
Pluto 0.05    


On which planet would you weigh the most? On which planet would you weigh the least? Why?