These bibliograpies suggest titles that relate to the unit theme in each Basic Unit and to the type of writing presented in each Review Unit.

The books on these lists may be available through publishers, distributors such as bookstores or online retailers, or library systems.

Unit 1: Art: Costumes
Unit 2: Science: Unusual Pets
Unit 3: Social Studies: A Country Fair
Unit 4: Art: Safety at Home and at School
Unit 5: Science: Seasons of the Year
Unit 6: Writing: Class Story
Unit 7: Social Studies: Schools
Unit 8: Science: Dinosaurs
Unit 9: Recreation: Hiking and Camping
Unit 10: Science: Rivers and Lakes
Unit 11: Music: Songs and Instruments
Unit 12: Writing: A Story About Yourself
Unit 13: Social Studies: Trains
Unit 14: Science: Protecting Our Earth
Unit 15: Careers: Animal Doctors
Unit 16: Social Studies: Ranching
Unit 17: Careers: Dentist
Unit 18: Writing Form: Story
Unit 19: Social Studies: Castles and Kings
Unit 20: Math: Earning Money
Unit 21: Science: The Seashore
Unit 22: Science: Zoos
Unit 23: Social Studies: Things That Fly
Unit 24: Writing Form: Instructions
Unit 25: Science: Stars and Planets
Unit 26: Science: Baby Animals
Unit 27: Social Studies: Places to Live
Unit 28: Health: Taking Care of Yourself
Unit 29: Science: Insects
Unit 30: Writing Form: Description
Unit 31: Social Studies: Automobiles
Unit 32: Social Studies: Supermarkets
Unit 33: Science: Gardening
Unit 34: Physical Education: Sports
Unit 35: Social Studies: Friendship
Unit 36: Writing Form: Letters

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