Level 2 Unit 15
Theme: Careers: Animal Doctors


Henry and Mudge Get
the Cold Shivers
by Cynthia Rylant
Both Henry and his dog,
Mudge, catch colds.
Island Baby
by Holly Keller
A boy helps his
grandfather care for a hurt
baby flamingo.


Taking My Dog to
the Vet
by Susan Kuklin
A boy describes his dog's
checkup at the vet's office.
Taking My Cat to
the Vet
by Susan Kuklin
This photo-essay records a
cat's visit to the vet.


Say Woof!
by Gail Gibbons
A day in the life of a
country veterinarian.
What's It Like to Be a
by Judith Samper
A description of the work
a vet does to care for


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