Level 2 Unit 31
Theme: Social Studies: Automobiles


Taxi! Taxi!
by Cari Best
Tina's favorite Sunday
activity is going out with
her papi, a taxi driver.
The Car Washing Street
by Denise L. Patrick
On Saturdays, all the
people in this city
neighborhood wash their


Good Driving, Amelia
by Herman Parish
The daffy housekeeper
goes for a birthday ride in
the country.
Night Driving
by John Coy
A father and son take a
nighttime road trip through
the desert to the mountains.


The Rattlebang Picnic
by Margaret Mahy
The McTavish family uses
a pizza as a wheel when
their car breaks down.
Cars and How They Go
by Joanna Cole
An explanation of how the
various parts of a car work.


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