Level 3 Unit 15
Theme: The Laundromat


A Pocket for Corduroy
by Don Freeman
At the laundromat,
Corduroy realizes he is
missing a pocket.
Soap! Soap! Don't Forget
the Soap
by Tom Birdseye
A forgetful boy finally
brings soap home from
the store for his mother.


Aunt Lilly's Laundromat
by Melanie Hope Greenberg
Aunt Lilly works in her
Brooklyn laundromat.
The Raggly Scraggly
No-Soap No-Scrub Girl
by David Birchman
A very dirty girl falls
by mistake into a tub.


Brush, Comb, Scrub
by Vicki Cobb
How inventions like soap
and the shower help us
to keep clean.
The Wise Washerman
by Debra Froese
A neighbor plots to ruin a
prosperous washerman in
this Burmese folk tale.


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