What's My Word? 

Have students play in pairs, using pencil and paper. Player 1 chooses a spelling word and draws a short line for each letter. Player 2 tries first to guess its prefix(es) and/or its suffix(es), asking questions such as "Does it have an ion?" If the answer is yes, Player 1 fills in the word part. Otherwise the word part is written to one side. Once the affixes have been established, Player 2 asks about single letters: "Does it have any n's?" and so on. Again, correct letters are written in, and incorrect letters are written to one side. When the word is complete, Player 2 can try to build more words by replacing or adding affixes. Player 1 can use a class dictionary to confirm or refute each word. When Player 2 makes a mistake, the turn is over. Players 1 and 2 then switch roles. At the end of the game, players add up their incorrect guesses. The player with fewer incorrect affixes and letters wins.

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