Level 8 Unit 30
Writing Form: Persuasive Letter


Hold Fast Your Dreams
by Carrie Boyko and Kimberly Colen
Speeches that urge graduates to attain their goals.
  Shrinking Forests
by Jenny Tesar
Explores forest ecosystems and their endangerment.


"ItŐs Such a Beautiful Day"
by Isaac Asimov
In 2117, a boy needs to persuade his mother to allow him to walk outside.
  Dear Mrs. Parks
by Rosa Parks and Gregory J. Reed
Rosa Parks responds to letters about her act of civil disobedience.


The Medusa and the Snail
by Lewis Thomas
Persuasive essays that cover a wide range of topics about science and nature.
  The Sea Around Us
by Rachel Carson
Both persuasive and descriptive, the author writes about the ocean.


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