Books for Independent Reading


A Boy, A Dog, and A Frog
by Mercer Mayer
Dial l985 (32p); Viking l992 paper
Frog refuses to be caught by a boy, but later follows him home.
Who Hid It?
by Taro Gomi
Millbrook l992 (24p)
Children are challenged to find the animals and insects in the pictures.
In the Pond
by Ermanno Cristini and Luigi Puricelli
Picture Book l991 (28p); also paper
Busy animals slither and crawl in and around the pond.
by Nancy Tafuri
Greenwillow l988 (32p)
In this dream adventure, jungle creatures come to life at night.
Mouse Around
by Pat Schories
Farrar l99l (32p); Sunburst l993 paper
A mouse gets lost but finds his long way home.


by Jez Alborough
Candlewick l993 (32p); also paper
Frog plays a game with his friends in a book inviting reader participation.
Bernard's Boring Day
by Ron Maris
Delacorte 1990 (32p)
A garden gnome sits fishing, heedless of the activity around him.
The Spider On the Floor
by Raffi
Crown l993 (32p)
A jaunty song about a woman's fright when she sees a spider.
The Very Lonely Firefly
by Eric Carle
Philomel 1995 (32p)
A firefly searches for friendship in this story of belonging and acceptance.


La oruga muy hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
by Eric Carle
Philomel l989 (32p)
Text in Spanish. Also available in dual language editions in Eng/Chinese, Eng/Vietnamese, and Eng/Arabic.
Anansi's Narrow Waist: An African Folk Tale
by Len Cabral
Harper l994 (l6p)
An African tale explaining why spiders have eight legs.
Hide and Snake
by Keith Baker
Harcourt l991 (32p)
A brightly colored snake weaves his way among familiar objects.
Hungry Little Frog
by Ron Hirschi
Cobblehill l992 (28p)
A spring peeper follows a ladybug, counting as he goes.
In the Tall, Tall Grass
by Denise Fleming
Holt l991 (32p)
A child watches all sorts of creatures making their way through grass.
Mouse Count
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Harcourt l991 (32p)
A snake counts the mice he catches before they escape.
Jump, Frog, Jump!
by Robert Kalan
Mulberry 1994 (32p); also paper
A turtle sets off a chain reaction in an infectious cumulative tale. Available in Spanish as¡Salta, ranita, salta!
by The Cousteau Society
Little l992 (24p); also paper
Color photos record the sea turtle's journey to the beach and back.
Who Is the Beast?
by Keith Baker
Harcourt l990 (28p); Voyager paper
A tiger compares himself to a frog, a snake, and other creatures. Available in Spanish as¿Quién es la bestia?
Watch Where You Go!
by Sally Noll
Greenwillow l990 (32p); Puffin l993 paper
A gray mouse scurries home unaware of the dangers around him.


Caterpillar, Caterpillar
by Vivien French
Candlewick 1993 (32p)
A girl and her grandfather observes the life cycle of a butterfly.
by Mary Ling
Dorling l992 (24p)
Text and photos explain the metamorphosis of a caterpillar.
Fireflies in the Night
by Judy Hawes
Harper l991 (32p); also paper
A girl learns about fireflies one evening on her grandparents' farm.
Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles, Too
by Allan Fowler
Childrens l992. (32p)
Explains the differences between frogs and toads. Available in Spanish as ¡Ranas, sapos y renacuajos!
It's a Good Thing There Are Insects
by Allan Fowler
Childrens l99l (32p)
All about why we need insects. Available in Spanish as¡Qué bueno que haya insectos!
by Beverly Allinson
Scholastic 1992 (32p); also paper
The story of a very loud ant named Effie
The Mixed-Up Chameleon
by Eric Carle
Crowell l984 (32p); Harper l988 paper
A chameleon gets confused when he tries to be like other animals.


Ladybug, Ladybug
by Ruth Brown
Dutton 1988 (32p); Puffin 1992 paper
A boy sets a ladybug free to make her way home through a meadow.
The Best Bug to Be
by Dolores Johnson
Macmillan 1992 (32p)
Kelly puts on her best performance as a bumblebee in the school play.
One Hundred Hungry Ants
by Elinor J. Pinczes
Houghton 1993 (32p)
One hundred ants march to a picnic, only to discover there's no food left.
Miss Spider's Tea Party
by David Kirk
Scholastic 1994 (32p)
All of the bugs are afraid to come to Miss Spider's tea party.
An Extraordinary Egg
by Leo Lionni
Knopf 1994 (32p)
Three frogs are sure the alligator egg they found will hatch a chicken.
Fireflies for Nathan
by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim
Tambourine l994 (32p)
Nathan makes a firefly lantern in the same jar his father once used.
Flit, Flutter, Fly! Poems About Bugs and Other Crawly Creatures
by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Doubleday l992 (32p)
Twenty poems by well-known poets explore the insect world.
The Grouchy Ladybug
by Eric Carle
Crowell l977 (48p); Harper l986 paper
A ladybug finally learns to be nice. Available in Spanish asLa mariquita malhumorada.
How to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects
by Ruth Heller
Grosset l985 (32p) l992 paper
A guessing game with rhyming text presents unusual insects.


I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
by Glen Rounds
Holiday l990 (32p) paper
A spare but funny version of the famous folk song.
Old Black Fly
by Jim Aylesworth
Holt l992 (32p)
A pesky fly annoys everyone in the house.
A Creepy Crawly Songbook
by Hiawyn Oram
Farrar 1993 (53p)
Seventeen songs take their inspiration from insects.
The Very Busy Spider
by Eric Carle
Philomel l985 (32p)
Ignoring the farm animals, the spider concentrates on her web.
The Very Quiet Cricket
by Eric Carle
Philomel l990 (32p)
A young cricket tries to return the greetings he receives.