Books for Independent Reading


Are You My Mother?
by P.D. Eastman
Random 1960 (64p); 1986 paper
A newly hatched bird goes looking for his mother. Available in Spanish as¿Eres tu mi Mamá?
by Pat Hutchins
(Social Studies)
Macmillan 1971 (32p)
Everything about Titch is smaller than his siblings until he grows a huge plant. See others in series.
Mama Zooms
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1993 (32p)
A young boy imagines his mother's wheelchair is everything from a train to a spaceship.
by David McPhail
(Social Studies)
Harcourt 1984 (32p); Voyager 1990 paper
Two sisters are both alike and different. Available in Spanish as Hermanas.


by Ann Morris
Lothrop 1990 (32p); Mulberry paper
Photographs from around the world emphasize the universality of loving relationships.
Lucy's Picture
by Nicola Moon
Dial 1995 (32p)
Lucy makes a special gift for her blind grandfather.
Little Bear's Visit
by Else Holmelund Minarik
Harper 1961 (64p); also paper
Little Bear visits his grandparents and listens to them tell stories. Available in Spanish asLa visita de Osito.
Families Are Different
by Nina Pellegrini
(Social Studies) Holiday 1991 (32p) An adopted girl discovers that there are many different kinds of families.
Con Mi Hermano/With My Brother
by Eileen Roe
Bradbury 1991 (32p)
A little boy tells why he admires his brother. In English and Spanish.


Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara Joosse
Chronicle 1991 (32p)
An Inuit girl discovers her mother's unconditional love for her.
Bats About Baseball
by Jean Little
(Social Studies)
Viking 1995 (32p)
Ryder has trouble getting his grandmother's attention once the baseball season begins.
Hotter Than a Hot Dog
by Stephanie Calmenson
(Social Studies)
Little 1994 (32p)
A girl and her grandmother go to the beach to escape the city heat.
Luka's Quilt
by Georgia Guback
Greenwillow 1994 (32p)
Luka's grandmother makes her a traditional Hawaiian quilt.
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
by Patricia Polacco
(Social Studies)
Simon 1994 (32p)
A girl wishes that she could do something better than her obnoxious brother.
by Donald Crews
Greenwillow 1991 (32p)
Crews recounts idyllic summers at his grandparents' farm.
The Quilt Story
by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola
(Social Studies)
Putnam 1985 (32p); 1992 paper
A home-made quilt comforts two generations of little girls.
The Palace of Stars
by Patricia Lakin
Tambourine 1993 (32p)
Amanda and her great-uncle share many happy Saturdays together.
Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
Clarion 1991 (32p)
Two girls enjoy their aunt's stories about her hat collection.
The Relatives Came
by Cynthia Rylant
(Social Studies)
Bradbury 1985 (32p); 1993 paper
A family's relatives come from Virginia for a long, loving visit.
Visiting the Art Museum
by Laurene K. Brown and Marc Brown
Dutton 1986 (32p)
A family visits an art museum.
Dear Annie
by Judith Caseley
(Social Studies)
Greenwillow 1991 (32p)
Annie and her grandfather lovingly exchange letters and postcards.
Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend
by Cynthia Rylant
(Social Studies)
Bradbury, 1992. (40p)
Henry, his dog Mudge, and Henry's parents spend a happy weekend building a castle together.
Brothers and Sisters
by Ellen B. Senisi
(Social Studies)
Scholastic, 1993 (32p)
In this photoessay, children share the ups and downs of sibling relationships.
by Tomie dePaola
Putnam, 1993 (32p)
The author celebrates his warm and lively relationship with his grandfather.
Un sillón para mi mamá (A Chair for My Mother)
by Vera Williams
(32p) Text in Spanish.
The Wednesday Surprise
by Eve Bunting
Clarion 1989 (32p); 1990 paper
Anna and Grandma plan a special surprise for Dad's birthday.


Aunt Lilly's Laundromat
by Melanie Hope Greenberg
Dutton 1994 (32p)
Aunt Lilly goes to work in her Brooklyn laudromat, but her home in Haiti is always in her memory.
My Two Worlds
by Ginger Gordon
Clarion, 1993 (32p)
Kirsy Rodriguez lives in New York City, but often returns to the Dominican Republic to visit her grandparents.
Taxi! Taxi!
by Cari Best
(Social Studies)
Little 1994 (32p)
Tina looks forward to Sunday, the day she spends with her father, a taxi cab driver.
Nessa's Story
by Nancy Luenn
Atheneum 1994 (32p)
Inspired by her grandmother's stories, a young Inuit girl looks for her own story to tell. Available in Spanish asEl cuento de Nessa.
Mama Bear
by Chyng Feng Sun
Houghton 1994 (32p)
Mei-Mei's mother helps her cope with disappointment when she can't buy a stuffed bear.
by Arthur Dorros
Dutton 1991 (40p)
A girl spending the day with her grandmother imagines that they can fly.
Saturday Night at the New You
by Barbara E. Barber
Lee and Low 1994 (32p) Shauna loves Saturday because she gets to help out at her mother's beauty parlor.
Pablo's Tree
by Pat Mora
Macmillan 1994 (32p)
Every year on his birthday, Pablo's grandfather decorates a tree he planted to celebrate Pablo's adoption.
by Sandra Cisneros
Knopf, 1994 (32p)
The narrator describes the different kinds of hair in her family. In English and Spanish.

Books for Teacher Read Aloud

Full Worm Moon
by Margo Lemieux
Tambourine 1994 (32p)
An Algonquian family spends the night outside watching for the earth worms that signify spring's arrival.
Families: Poems Celebrating the African American Experience
by Dorothy Strickland and Michael R. Strickland
Boyds Mills 1994 (32p)
Poems celebrate African American family life.
How My Family Lives in America
by Susan Kuklin
Bradbury 1992 (32p)
Children from Hispanic, African, and Chinese American families talk about their heritage.

Books for Shared Reading

A Birthday Basket for Tia
by Pat Mora
Macmillan 1992 (32p)
Cecilia searches for a special birthday surprise for her great-aunt Tia.
I Go With My Family to Grandma's
by Riki Levinson
(Social Studies)
Dutton 1986 paper
Five cousins visit their grandmother using various means of transportation.
I Got a Family
by Melrose Cooper
(Social Studies)
Holt 1993 (32 p)
A young girl describes the members of her extended family.