Books for Independent Reading


by Mary Ling
Dorling 1993 (24p)
The growth of a pig from birth to adulthood.
Rockabye, Crocodile
by Jose Arueto and Ariane Dewey
Greenwillow 1988 (32p); 1993 paper
A Philippine fable about two boars who learn how attitude determines success.
Pigs From 1 to 10
by Arthur Geisert
Houghton 1992 (32p)
Readers search for hidden numerals in this story about 10 piglet brothers.
Pigs From A to Z
by Arthur Geisert
Houghton 1986 (32p)
Readers must find the letters hidden in Geisert's illustrations.
Smart, Clean Pigs
by Allan Fowler
Childrens 1993 (32p); also paper
How and where pigs live and why they behave as they do. Available in Spanish asLos limpios e inteligentes cerdos.


All Pigs Are Beautiful
by Dick King-Smith
Candlewick 1993 (32p)
A famous author tells why he loves pigs.
Pigs Will Be Pigs
by Amy Axelrod
Four Winds 1994 (32p)
The Pigs search their house for money to eat out. Menu and prices included.
The Fourth Little Pig
by Teresa Celsi
Raintree 1990 (24p); also paper
A visit from their sister changes the three little pigs' attitude.
The Great Pig Escape
by Eileen Christelow
Clarion 1994 (32p)
Pigs on their way to the market escape to Florida.
Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!
by David McPhail
Dutton 1993 (32p)
As the narrator tries to read, several pigs wreak havoc in his home.
Mrs. Goat and Her Seven Little Kids
by Tony Ross
Atheneum 1990 (32p)
A cheerful, satirical updating of the well-known Grimm classic.
Cinder Edna
by Ellen Jackson
Lothrop 1994 (32p)
Cinderella could learn something from her feisty neighbor, Cinder Edna.
by Anthony Browne
Knopf 1986 (32p)
Mrs. Piggot's husband and sons are such “pigs.”
by Mark Teague
Scholastic 1994 (32p)
Wendell Fultz's room looks like a pigsty, so several pigs move in.
The Gruff Brothers
by William Hooks
Bantam 1990 (32p) paper
A new twist to the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
The Pigs' Wedding
by Helme Heine
McElderry 1988 (32p); 1991 paper
Curlytail and Porker get married and have a wild wedding reception.


The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
by John Scieszka
Viking 1991 (32p)
A. Wolf gives his version of what really happed in the famous tale. Available in Spanish asLa verdadera historia de los tres cerditos.
The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit
by Susan Lowell
Chronicle 1994 (32p)
A humorous retelling set in the Southwest.
Princess Furball
by Charlotte Huck
Greenwillow 1989 (40p); also paper
A strong-willed princess overcomes many obstacles in this Cinderella variant.
Tales of Amanda Pig
by Jean Van Leeuwen
Dial 1982 (56p); Puffin 1994 paper
Five stories about Amanda Pig and her brother Oliver. Available in Spanish asCuentos de la cerdita Amanda. See others in series.
by Jane Yolen
Harcourt 1987 (32p); 1992 paper
Piggins, the very proper butler, keeps things running smoothly. See others in series.
The Frog Prince, Continued
by Jon Scieszka
Viking 1991 (32p); Puffin 1994 paper
The honeymoon is soon over for the princess and the frog.
The Amazing Bone
by William Steig
Farrat 1983 (32p); 1993 paper
Pearl the pig needs help outwitting robbers and a hungry fox. Available in Spanish asEl hueso prodigioso.
Wild Boars
by Daniel Nicholson
Carolrhoda 1987 (48p)
A photo essay about the pig's wild relative.
The Three Little Pigs and the Fox
by William Hooks
Macmillan 1989 (32p)
Appalachian variant.
Garth Pig Steals the Show
by Mary Rayner
Dutton 1993 (32p)
More hilarious adventures of Garth Pig and the Pig family band. See others in series.
by Frances Minters
Viking 1994 (32p)
Cinder-Elly stays home while her sisters attend a basketball game in this urban retelling.
Parents in the Pigpen, Pigs in the Tub
by Amy Ehrlich
Dial 1993 (40p)
When the pasture gate is left open, farm aninals move into the house.
Somebody and the Three Blairs
by Marilyn Tolhurst
Orchard 1991 (32p); 1994 paper
In a reversal of roles, a bear visits the home of three humans.
Piggies, Piggies, Piggies: A Treasury of Stories, Songs, and Poems
by Walter Retan
Simon 1993 (96p)
An assortment of selections, some illustrated, about pigs.
Peeping Beauty
by Mary Jane Auch
Holiday 1993 (32p)
Poulette Pig wants to become a ballerina, but the fox has other ideas.
Ruthann and Her Pig
by Barbara Ann Porte
Orchard 1989 (84p)
Ruthann's cousin Frank wants to borrow her pet pig for protection from bullies.
Hooray for the Golly Sisters
by Betsy Byars
Harper 1990 (64p)
Sisters May-May and Rose share adventures that include disappearing pigs.
Dear Peter Rabbit
by Alma Flor Ada
Atheneum 1994 (32p)
Peter Rabbit, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, and friends exchange letters. Available in Spanish asQuerido pedrín.
Chester the Worldly Pig
by Bill Peet
Houghton 1987; also paper
When Chester joins the circus, he quickly learns that farm life isn't so bad.


Quentin Corn
by Mary Stolz
Godine 1985 (128p)
Learning he will soon become a meal, Quentin disguises himself and runs away.
King Emmett the Second
by Mary Stolz
Greenwillow 1991 (56p)
Emmett Murphy moves from New York to Ohio and misses his friends, especially his pet pig.
Pigs Might Fly
by Dick King-Smith
Viking 1982 (158p)
Daggie Dogfoot, a runt piglet with a deformity, becomes the hero of the farm.
Farmer Palmer's Wagon Ride
by William Steig
Farrar 1974 (32p); 1992 paper
Farmer Palmer's return trip from the market is full of obstacles.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

Zeke Pippin
by William Steig
Harper 1994 (32p)
When Zeke the pig plays his harmonica, everyone falls asleep.
That Extraordinary Pig of Paris
by Roni Schotter
Philomel 1994 (32p)
Monsieur Cochôn , a pig of Paris, has quite a day when he gets too close to a pastry shop.
Mrs. Pig Gets Cross
by Mary Rayner
Dutton 1986 (64p)
Seven short stories about Mr. and Mrs. Pig and their ten children.