Beatrice Black Bear
The World's Wettest Dam Photographer

comic book page about dams and their benefits

Image: There is a picture of a bear, with a camera, standing at the base of a large dam and gesturing towards the top.

Bear says, “I'm taking pictures at Lake Powell in Arizona. That huge wall is a dam built across the Colorado River. It holds back the water to create the lake.

“Dams do a lot of work. They help make electricity, and people use lake water for drinking and farming.”

Image: There is a picture of a bear with swimming goggles, and overlays of a person sailboarding, and of three children playing in the water.

Bear says, “But when the work is done, it's time for fun! The lake is great for sailboarding… or swimming with your friends.”

Image: There is picture of a bear water skiing in a human pyramid. The women on the bear's shoulders have started to fall.

Bear says, “Water skiing is the best, but it's not as easy as it looks!”


  1. What would happen if people put trash or oil into Lake Powell?
    [anno: They would pollute the water. People and animals could get sick if they drank the water.]
  2. Imagine you live near Lake Powell. Make a poster that tells why it is important to keep Lake Powell clean. Draw pictures to show what would happen to the people, plants, and animals if the lake had oil and trash in it. Draw other pictures to show those people, plants, and animals when the lake is clean.
    [anno: Posters will vary but should show two sets of pictures for people, plants, and animals. One set should show them to be healthy, and the other set should show them to be sickly.]