Click & the Kids

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Image: There are five pictures in a staggered line. There is a picture of a girl named Amy, a boy named Martin, a mouse named Click, a woman named Liz, and some tools.

Image: Martin, Amy, and Click are climbing some trees.

Martin says, “I love being up in a tree! Don't you wish we were squirrels and could live up here forever?”

Amy says, “Yeah, Martin. That would be great! But I guess kids have to live in houses…”


  1. Which tool would you use to find out how long an object is?
    [anno: You would use a measuring tape to find out how long an object is.]
  2. Which tool helps you change the shape of an object?
    [anno: A saw or sandpaper would help you change the shape of an object.]
  3. What do you measure with a level?
    [anno: A level measures whether or not an object is straight.]