Click & the Kids

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Page 1

Image: There are five pictures in a staggered line. There is a picture of a girl named Amy, a boy named Martin, a mouse named Click, an old man named Grandpa E., and a bird in a pond.

Image: Grandpa E., Amy, and Martin are fishing in a small pond.

Grandpa E. says: Now all we have to do is wait patiently and watch the bobbers. I hear this pond has rainbow trout. If we're lucky, we might catch one.

Amy says: Ooh! I bet they're really pretty! We can be patient, Grandpa E.

Martin says: Because we really want to catch a fish.


  1. What kind of animals live in this pond?
    [anno: The animals that live in this pond are frogs, dragonflies, ducks, herons, and fish.]
  2. What kind of baby animals are in the pond?
    [anno: There are ducklings and tadpoles.]
  3. What time of year do you think it is? Why? Write a sentence or two for your answer.
    [anno: Answers may vary between spring and summer. Students should assume it is one of these two seasons, as there are animals that have given birth to babies. The area around the pond is green.]