Art and Language Arts Activity

Children create a winter memory book with pictures and writings about winter activities and specific events.

What You Need

  • drawing paper
  • drawing materials
  • hole punch
  • yarn or other material to bind pages

What to Do

  1. Ask children to bring to class photographs of themselves or their families. Or, if you took pictures on the first day of school, encourage children to look them over and talk about them. Discuss how looking at photographs of events is one way of reminding ourselves what happened. Explain that photo albums can help us remember people and places.
  2. Tell children that they are going to make a book about winter called “We Remember Winter.” Explain that they are going to fill the book with pictures and sentences that show the things they are doing this winter. Then they will put the book away until it's almost summer. When they open it again and look at all the pictures and read the sentences, they will really be able to remember winter.
  3. Let children share things they are doing in school that would be fun to “remember” next summer. Then have them draw the pictures and write one or two sentences to describe them. You may want to have children print the sentence(s) on writing paper, which you can then attach to the back of the drawing paper.
  4. Help children make a title page. Collect all the drawings, punch holes in the paper, and bind the book with yarn or other material.
  5. Wrap the book in paper and put it away with a sign that says “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ______.” Use a date from the last week of school, marking that date on the classroom calendar to remind yourself and the class to look at the book then.

Teaching Options

  • With children, keep a separate “album” of school activities, such as performances, holiday events, and special visitors. These can be drawn or photographed. In June, use this album to look back over the year.
  • Have children draw their reminiscences of summer, then share them by sitting in several circles and describing the pictures orally.
  • Keep an inexpensive camera handy. Teach children to take photographs, getting them to understand how to frame a picture. Encourage children who show an interest in photography by holding a photography show.