Unit 1: Community and Geography

Unit Almanac—Connect to the Nation

The Places We Live
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Summarize
Lesson 1 Core What Is a Community?
Extend Literature—Poems from Our Communities
Map and Globe Skill Review Map Skills
Lesson 2 Core Kinds of Communities
Extend Geography—Our Largest City
Chapter 1 Review


Our Land and Resources
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer
Lesson 1 Core Earth's Land and Water
Extend Geography—Erosion Shapes the Land
Map and Globe Skill Read a Climate Map
Lesson 2 Core Our Country's Geography
Extend Biographies—Protecting the Land
Lesson 3 Core Communities and Resources
Extend Readers' Theater—What About Recycling?
Map and Globe Skill Use a Map Grid
Lesson 4 Core World Connection: Mexico City
Extend Technology—The City on the Lake
Study Skill Use Parts of a Source
Chapter 2 Review
Community Handbook: Geography
Unit 1 Review: Current Events Project
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