Unit 1: The Land of the United States

Unit Almanac—Connect to the Nation

What on Earth Is Geography?
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer
Lesson 1 Core The Geography of Our World
Extend Technology—Geography in Daily Life
Map and Globe Skill Review Map Skills
Lesson 2 Core Land and Water
Extend Geography—Making a Mountain
Map and Globe Skill Make a Map
Lesson 2 Core Resources of the United States
Extend Biography—Dr. Maria Telkes
Chapter 1 Review


Understanding Regions
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Reading Strategy: Monitor and Clarify
Lesson 1 Core What Is a Region?
Extend Geography—Borders and Boundaries
Lesson 2 Core Regions of the United States
Extend Literature—Poems of America by C. Drew Lamm, Frank Asch, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, and Pat Mora
Map and Globe Skill Use Latitude and Longitude
Lesson 3 Core Climate Regions
Extend Geography—The Water Cycle
Chapter 2 Review
My State Handbook: Geography
Unit 1 Review: Current Events Project
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