Unit 1: Our Land and First People

Unit Almanac—Connect to Today

America's Land
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer
Lesson 1 Core Land and Climate
Extend Geography—Trouble from the Tropics
Map and Globe SkillReview Map Skills
Lesson 2 Core Our Nation's Resources
Extend Technology—The Race for Solar Power
Lesson 3 Core Regions of the United States
Extend Biographies—Caretakers of the Earth
Lesson 4 Core People and the Land
Extend Geography—Reshaping the Land
Chapter 1 Review


The First Americans
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Question
Lesson 1 Core Ancient Americans
Extend History—Tenochtitlán
Lesson 2 Core Peoples of the Northwest
Extend Literature—"Chinook Wind Wrestles Cold Wind,"an American Indian legend
Lesson 3 Core Peoples of the Southwest
Extend Biographies—Keepers of Tradition
Lesson 4 Core Peoples of the Plains
Extend Primary Sources—Art of the Plains Indians
Reading and Thinking SkillSummarize
Apply Critical Thinking
Lesson 5 Core Peoples of the East
Extend Geography—American Indian Shelters
Chapter 2 Review
Unit 1 Review: Current Events Project
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