Grade 5
A Closer Look
  Slave Culture
(Use with pp. 410-411.)

Visit these Internet sites to learn more about the history of slavery in the Americas and the culture developed by the Africans who were forced into slavery.

Up from Slavery: An Autobiography by Booker Taliaferro Washington
Read the online autobiography of Booker T. Washington, a leading African American educator who founded Tuskegee Institute. Washington relates his early life as a slave, his efforts to educate himself, and his dedication to helping others and educating African Americans.

Frederick Douglass
Here you can find the details of Frederick Douglass' escape from slavery, his determination to educate himself, his struggles as a free man, and his rise to abolitionist leader in the North. This online biography offers a moving portrait of the life of this brave man.

Sectional Conflict
Part of a terrific American history site in the Netherlands, this page provides good background information on the regional differences between the North and South during the mid-1800s, and how those differences led to the outbreak of the Civil War. Information on the conflicting economic interests of the two regions and the debate over slavery are included.

The African-American Mosaic
This powerful resource from the Library of Congress leads visitors through four significant themes in early black American history: the colonization movement, the beginnings of abolition, the Great Migration, and African-American contributions to the Works Progress Administration. The exhibit includes some photos but is primarily text-based.


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