Grade 5
A Closer Look
  The Voyage of Columbus
(Use with pp. 112-113.)

Set sail with Columbus on dangerous expeditions across the Atlantic. Witness the far-reaching effects of early encounters between Europeans and Americans. These Internet sites make the voyages of Columbus come alive and provide resources that examine his landings in America from a variety of viewpoints.

1492: An Ongoing Voyage
This online exhibit from the Library of Congress examines cultures in the Americas on the eve of European exploration of the Western Hemisphere, and explores early contacts between Americans and Europeans.

How did the Americans view the European arrivals? How did the European explorers view the people and cultures they encountered upon arrival in the Americas? What were some of the effects of European exploration? You can use the information from this site to create a mural that shows an early encounter between Americans and Europeans or to write a paragraph on the impact of European exploration on both Americans and Europeans.

The Columbus Navigation Homepage
Explore this entertaining site for information on Columbus' crew, ships, navigation and four voyages to the Americas. Text, maps, timelines, and images help you learn about Columbus' adventures and contributions to European knowledge about the Americas. You can also learn about early methods of navigation.


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