Grade 5
A Closer Look
  Boston Tea Party
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Join the Patriots as they fight against British rule.

The Battle of Bunker Hill
This site is a comprehensive resource for information about the Battle of Bunker Hill. The site offers a brief overview of the battle, and information on topics ranging from the types of battle units involved to the quality of the terrain. The site also includes an hour-by-hour chronology of the battle, an impressive collection of maps, and an online glossary.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord
Research the events of the Battle of Lexington and Concord at this Internet site from the Army ROTC at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. You can view battle maps, read about key British leaders and colonial Minutemen, and learn about events leading up to the skirmish.

Boston Tea Party
This essay on the Boston Tea Party is part of "From Revolution to Reconstruction," a hyperlinked online history of the founding of the United States. It gives extensive background information on the events leading to the protest and puts the incident in the contexts of the colonies' relationship with England and their fight for independence. You can access information on important figures of the period.


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