Internet Resources

Unit 4: The Struggle for Independence

George Washington's Mount Vernon
Visit George Washington's estate and find historic images and information about Washington's life..

The Papers of George Washington
This site from the University of Virginia allows you to read selected writings of George Washington, find articles written about him, and view online exhibits relating to his life and accomplishments.

The National Constitution Center
How does the Constitution affect your life? Come find out at this interactive site from the National Constitution Center. This site provides information on the creation of the Constitution and the U.S. government, as well as news updates on constitutional issues, discussion forums, and activities to test your understanding of the Constitution.

LIBERTY! The American Revolution
Learn more about Colonial America and the Revolutionary War through the resources at the site from PBS. You can examine daily life; explore the course of events through interactive essays, timelines, and headlines from the period; analyze perspectives on liberty; and read biographical sketches.

U.S. Bill of Rights
You can read the text of the Bill of Rights, view an image of the actual document, and find background information on the development of the amendments.


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