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Unit 6: A Nation in Conflict

The National Park Service: Plantation Agriculture
Learn more about the workings of southern plantations as you explore the descriptions, photographs, and maps at this site.

Third Person, First Person: Slave Voices From The Special Collections Library
This collection of primary sources provides a glimpse into the daily lives of enslaved people on Southern plantations.

Uncle Tom's Cabin or Life Among the Lowly
Read the text of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel and find background information on how the novel's publication helped lead the United States to civil war.

The Five Points Site
Join archaeologists and historians as they uncover the secrets of a nineteenth century New York City neighborhood--Five Points. You can view historical illustrations of the neighborhood and artifacts recovered during the excavation. This site also offers a virtual tour of the old neighborhood to help you learn more about the people who lived there, the work they did, and how their lives impacted the growing city.

How the Other Half Lives
This hypertext edition of Jacob Riis' moving portrait of New York City's nineteenth century tenements provides a rare glimpse into the struggles of the urban poor. You can read the detailed descriptions of life in the tenements and view illustrations of different facets of life there.

Ellis Island
This site pays homage to Ellis Island and the millions of immigrants who were processed there. You can take a virtual tour of Ellis Island, find information on immigrants' experiences, and take a look at Ellis Island today.

African American Odyssey
You can learn about the struggle of African Americans for freedom and full citizenship through this online exhibit from the Library of Congress.

African American Mosaic: Abolition
Learn about the abolitionist movement in the United States and abroad. You can also explore the work of prominent abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The First Wave of Secession
Part of the "Valley of the Shadow" Civil War project, this wonderful site provides a wealth of information about the push of Southern states towards secession, and the attempts of Northern and border states to preserve the Union. The site also offers selections of newspaper articles from the period that register local responses to impending conflict.

Sectional Conflict
Part of a terrific American history site in the Netherlands, this page provides good background information on the regional differences between the North and South during the mid-1800s, and how those differences led to the outbreak of the Civil War. Information on the conflicting economic interests of the two regions and the debate over slavery are included.

Taming the Wilderness: Rivers, Roads, Canals, and Railroads
This page is part of the Conner Prairie Web site, a living history museum in Fishers, Indiana, that highlights 19th-century pioneer life in Indiana. The site explores the modes of transportation used by the settlers of the American frontier, including flatboats, steamboats, the National Road, canals, railroads, and more.


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