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Examining a Photo

Look at your photograph carefully and answer as many of these questions as you can:

The Setting:
Where was the photograph taken — indoors, outdoors, in an urban area, or in the country? During what time of day was it taken? What time of year? How do you know?

The People:
Who are the people in the photograph — men, women, boys, girls? How old are they? What can you tell about them from the clothes they are wearing?

The Moment:
What activity or event is shown in the photograph? What are the people doing? Are they doing it as a group or individually? What relationship, if any, do they seem to have with one another?

Other Clues:
What other details can you see in the photograph? Are there any tools, vehicles, animals, buildings, or signs? What do these tell you about the people, time, or event shown?

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